AACA is looking for volunteers to assist in several areas of our organization. Volunteering is a unique networking opportunity for members of the Atlanta Area Compensation Association. Committee members are also eligible for re-certification credits through World at Work.

Please select one or more membership areas below for which you would like to volunteer and fill out the interest form.

Volunteer Interest Profile Form

Forum/ General Interest

The Atlanta Area Compensation Association will need volunteers to help with the annual forum. If you are interested in helping with this event or are not sure where you can help please fill out the interest form and someone will contact you about current or future needs.

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Programs Committee

Programs oversee the coordination of all member meetings including the annual forum. Volunteers would help arrange meetings and catering. They will assist with the coordination of programs for the Atlanta Area Compensation Association.

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Membership Committee

Membership oversees registration and recruitment. Duties may include managing check-in at events, responding to inquiries about the association, and assisting in updating membership information for members.


Website Committee

Website is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the AACA site. Volunteers who have experience in visual or graphic design, and/or html coding are needed.

Social Media Committee

The social media team is responsible for updates to our LinkedIn and other social media profiles. Volunteers will help promote events through social media, help hashtags trend, and support social media marketing efforts through general participation online.

University Committee

The University Liaison works with local universities to recruit students and educate them on the Atlanta Area Compensation Association. Volunteers would visit local universities, and assist with outreach programs.

Finance Committee

The Finance are administration manages the yearly budget for the AACA. Volunteers may collect money from members at meetings or assist with other administrative duties.

World at Work Committee

The WorldatWork Liasion works with WorldatWork and other local chapters. Volunteers may help with local training classes and events.

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