Career Spa, LLC

AACA is pleased to partner with Career Spa, LLC and Talent Connections, LLC.


Career Spa, LLC has been helping the unemployed and misemployed optimize and manage their careers since 2009. Talent Connections, LLC has been providing executive search services with a particular focus in HR since 1999. Both companies are collaborating with AACA to offer an unprecedented service to Atlanta’s HR community!

The webinar package is designed for those who are currently employed as well as those in transition. AACA member participants will gain insight and learn practical methods for proactively managing their careers.  This program is offered FREE to AACA members! Membership dues must be current.

Unfortunately, the in-person Career Spa workshops held at the Georgian Club are currently canceled due to Covid-19.

Workshop Details and Deliverables
  • Finding Your Sweet Spot – Provides insight and analysis to get focused in the right direction. Take-Aways: career assessment instrument results to discuss with their coach and, in addition, an exercise for tracking their priorities and fit for that next career move
  • List of Accomplishments – Provides powerful material to then use to maximize their resume, elevator pitch, networking, and interviewing answers. Homework assignment and deliverable: List of accomplishments that reflects them in both work and personal life.
  • SPA Treatment – Applying this formula to maximize their first interaction with others; make great first impressions. In-class exercise, homework and deliverable: Various responses thought through and prepared for multiple scenarios of selling themselves to others in a brief conversation.
  • Marketing Documents – Cover letter, references, and salary history. Take-Away: Templates for designing their personalized marketing documents.
  • Networking – Updated networking strategies, developing target list. Take-Away: Templates for planning their networking strategy of target contact persons and companies.
  • Search strategy – Effective strategies in today’s market for finding a position quickly. Take-Away: Template for planning their list of target companies.
  • Social Media – Proper use of social media tools. Live on-line demonstration with guidance on setting up their LinkedIn profile, RSS Feeds and more.
  • Resume – Coaching on techniques to craft a resume that sells. Homework assignment and coaching to provide the valuable deliverable: Fresh updated resume
  • Interviewing – Interview teachings, role play, behavioral interview questions, analyzing job descriptions for true needs, and being best prepared to amaze hiring managers. Take- Away: Role play and exercises for preparing to respond to all types of interviews and the top interview questions.
  • Selecting the right job – Advice on choosing the position that fits with their career assessment. Homework : Exercise for comparing job offers with their priorities and potential.
  • Negotiating – When and how to negotiate the terms of the offer. Take-Away: How to answer the tough compensation questions.
  • On-boarding – How to make a great first impression and become assimilated into a new position quickly
  • Facilitating the exchange of information
  • Providing learning opportunities
  • Creating networking and job referral opportunities
  • Achieving recognition as a respected professional human resources association
Webinar Package

Open to all AACA members.

Complimentary access to our recorded, 6 hour Career Spa webinar

Finding Your Sweet Spot, Accomplishments, Elevator Pitch, Resume, Networking, Interviewing, Social Media, Negotiation, Selection and more!

HR executive search experts Tom Darrow, Chair of the SHRM Foundation and Teela Jackson, 2014 Past President of SHRM-Atlanta

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